Friday, February 24, 2012


Meet Joe, stylish and talented artist who goes by Jaeo.  Check out this most recent music video of his called "Hi". The more you listen to it the more you'll love it! 

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now let's check out his style...

where have you lived and what effects has it had on your style? do you feel as though you conform or stand out in ways?
I grew up in Northern Virginia and I think that had a weird effect on my style. A large part of me has always wanted to be recognized as different and clothes were the easiest way to throw that in human’s faces. I moved to LA for two years and my style was kind of all over the place with the intention of being shocking, and I think I made a lot of mistakes. But mostly I was pretty uncomfortable in what I was wearing. I’m grateful though in retrospect because stretching myself was how I found my balance.

what is your most prized fashion possession? do you actually wear it?
Wow! My most prized fashion possession… honestly, I don’t believe in the price of something dictating it’s value, so I’m going to go with my SuperBowl edition Zubaz. I wear them all the time actually, but I like stuff that nobody else can find.  After that it’s a lot of shoes, I went through a phase when I was younger where I bought a lot of Chuck Taylors, I’m still super into chucks, but when back then you had to hunt for them so it was like valuable to me. I still got a couple pair that I’m scared of scuffing up so I don’t wear those a lot. 

so I see TOO many guys wearing jeans that are either too tight or too baggy. maybe thinking that girls wanna see the outline of their ding-a-ling or the tacky pattern on their boxers...?  ew. what’s your favorite brand of jeans and why do you like the fit?
Oh Levi’s for sure. They actually just came out with a new fit called the 521 that is my favorite fit of jeans ever maybe. Skinny jeans weren't my style, but I hate a wide opening at bottom of my jeans, so I always would take my straight leg jeans to my tailor to get them tapered at the bottom. The 521’s are straight in the leg but they’re tapered at the bottom and I’m super hype about them for real. I have some A.P.C.’s too, and they’re supposed to be the best jeans in the world. I’m not gonna argue with them, they’re super dope too. 

Joe vs. Jaeo, are there any style changes between the two?
Oh definitely…  Jaeo is going to play more characters, and the clothes will change to fit the story. You’ll see Jaeo in some situations that Joe wouldn't be in, so he’ll wear some stuff that Joe wouldn’t wear… but you won’t see any male meat dress equivalent from me. 

What are some things you see too much being worn in nova? Any style advice you’d like to give to your fellow bros!?
 Oh my god this could be a paper in itself. I hate flip-flops. Like a lot. If you’re not near a body of water or your bedroom I don’t see a point to not having real shoes on. Shoes were meant to protect your feet from the elements, and you just throw all that out the window to show your toes off? Get outta here with that. In NOVA I see a lot of Jersey’s too, I don’t understand wearing another man’s name on your back either. Like, that man doesn't know you, and doesn’t care about you. But even more than that, if that man see’s you he’s gonna look at you like some kind of a peasant and that’s not cool with me. Toms… I hate toms. They’re the new crocks, but they have a cause so people feel like it’s acceptable, if you wanna send some shoes overseas then just send some shoes overseas, ain’t no need to put some hard socks on your feet to get a kid some shoes. It’s whatever though; I just want people to get dressed like they mean it, if you mean it I’m cool with it. 

photography by me, and editing by chris forster.


  1. wow, he has fantastic style! i find mens streetstyle way more inspiring than womens lately, i'm not sure why.

  2. i know right!? REALLY diggin' your blog btw.

    xo, rachael

  3. Cute post! We like his style. It looks good on him.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  4. such a cool feature! Enjoyed reading it!

  5. thanks i'm your newest follower!
    I liked this interview, he seems pretty laidback, and ya i definitely like the style of jeans he wears, they actually fit..i hate it when guys wear too tight jeans and every THING is showing and when they wear such baggy jeans they fall off while they're walking (i've actually been eyewitness to this happening haha)
    the last shot is my fav :)
    xoxo Stephi

    1. thanks for reading! glad you agree hahaha.

  6. love the tee.

  7. So cool!!