Saturday, March 24, 2012


Check out Chris and his G-town swag! Chris is mah best brah and my photographer for most of my shoots. He's currently studying towards a B.F.A. in Film & TV with a minor in Advertising at the Savannah College of Art & Design in Savannah, Georgia.

top: macy's
jacket, pants, & tie: H&M
shoes: puma

How do you make your look polished, but still casual enough to wear during the day?
My style derives from taking high end looking fashion pieces and tweaking them in such a way that they look like casual wear. This usually consists of rolling up dress slacks, wearing sport shoes with a dressy outfit, or adding pops of color to an otherwise fancy getup.

You have subtle patterning on your tie, but do you have any other looks with prints or pattern?
I try to mix and match patterns as much as possible while at the same time maintaining a sense of consistency. I also am a great fan of wearing items with bold bright colors on top of a mostly muted look.

You grew up in Northern Virginia, but currently attend school in Savannah, Georgia.  Has living in a subcultural environment affected your style at all?
Living in Savannah has made me come out of my shell. I am constantly inspired by the vast array of different style I see guys wearing every day. I definitely feel like I can wear anything I want where as before, I would always be worried about what other people were thinking about my outfit.

On your average day, what are your go-to pieces to just throw on?
I’m a big fan of the tanktop/cardigan look. I also love to wear design-heavy t-shirts and the occasional slim sweatpant.

photography by me, and editing by chris forster.


  1. i like his style, I wish more men would dress like this, I don't for some reason here in Greece all men wear their pants extremely too tight
    anyway thanks for sharing hope you're having a great day
    XO stephi

  2. Great way to spruce up a casual outfit, well done!